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Really cool: Snow Village opens in Montréal

From its reputation as home to Canada’s best jazz festival to its sophisticated savoir-faireMontréal has always had a sort of “Birth of the Cool” insouciance. But this month a new phenomenon will see the light of day. For that’s when the Snow Village opens its doors.

Now we’re talking birth of the really cool.

Downright frigid to be precise.

While Québec City already boasts an ice hotel, Montréal is taking that up a notch. Île Ste-Hélène is the venue for this new winter ‘go-to’ spot, smack dab on a windswept island in the middle of the St. Lawrence River.

Spend the night in an igloo wrapped in a thermal sleeping bag; book a Thematic Prestige Suite where you feel like you’re sleeping in a painting, albeit a very cold one.

And there’ll be so much more.

Think Montréal’s iconic buildings, ice and snow-carved miniatures. Think snow tubing, plus a maze built out of snow.

Dine at Le Mont Blanc – regionally inspired cuisine – at a table made from ice, in a nine-metre-high (29-foot) igloo.

Or sip your favourite libation (ice wine or cider, anyone?) in the Kube Ice Bar from a frosty glittering vessel that gives new meaning to “crystal stemware.”

Then prove yourself a true Canadian – forget those tropical nuptials – and say “I do” in the ice chapel.

Now that would be cool.

Really, really cool.

Québec Tourism

Photo: Ice hotel bedroom, courtesy Snow Village Montreal

Really cool: Snow Village opens in Montréal